War is Peace

the hero’s journey
is one of suffering and peril
no greatness was ever achieved
without sacrifice and diffculty

yet in our own lives
we reject our suffering
or even worse avoid it
we remain foolishly mortal

when we embrace the pain
as part of the process
of overcoming our evils
all hesitations vanish

fight on and fight forever
into the endless tomorrow
Driven by love, knowing
that this is the only way

What I Love about America

America is a Great Nation
Sometimes called the greatest
I think that may be undeserved
But, faults and follies all the same
Is special to me
Maybe its just because I live here
and I have always lived here
but I think there is something special about this place

We have Freedom!
Somehow we find ourselves blessed to live in a place
Where we have enshrined such a noble ideal
Free not just in person, and in government
But free in mind, the most precious of all
We are all given a gift to determine some small part
of this great experiment
and that is pretty awesome

But the freedom we so love
as is so often intoned
Isn’t. Fucking. Free.
It’s a responsibility
It’s something we have to watch and nurture
and protect and even more
protect in others
because if all men are not free
then there is NO freedom!

And it is because I love my country so
that i get so angered, incensed, enraged
When people throw their freedom away
When out of greed and ignorance
Forget their responsibilities as free men
And oppress the freedoms of others
raising themselves up over their fellow citizen
they say freedom is when I can be more free
they say let each find what freedom they may, this is my own
and bit by bit, they steal our nations vital essence from us
and by stealing it destroy it
so that no one can be free

When a no talent billionaire bigot gets on stage
and tells us to hate, and to fear
and citizens throw away their precious freedom
to support a mad, racist, fascist Disneyland
when the masses cry out
make me powerful!
punish my enemies!
Ill trade my freedom for safety! for prosperity!
Ill give all my freedom for a lie that makes me feel good!
When hateful messages pour into every home
When death is everywhere, and war is never ending
When the machine just burns forever on, consuming without conscience
consuming without meaning
consuming without thinking
Where is Freedom?

I get so mad because the secret to our great nation’s success
Is. so. fucking. simple!
What makes America great is that we help each other!
A nation of pioneers, we always say
but we forget pioneers rely on each other most of all
In the wilderness, your neighbors are your only allies against cruel fate
And from this we learned how to be great
we learned to cooperate, to build, to believe together
To pool our freedom, to invest it in something greater then ourselves
We discovered an interesting property of freedom,
that when we use our freedom to help others,
when we give it away so that it can be more than just ours
It multiplies!
and multiplies, and multiplies, and creates wonders we are still just discovering
And from this was born this wonderful nation

So why have we turned away from this great heritage?
Because we have become complacent
resting on our laurels, fat, indolent
small and petty emperors always looking for the next fool
We indulge in all manner of vices, we turn inward
We say, how can I be happy today
We say, how can I get what I want
A child like attitude developed, cultivated
through constant commercials and propaganda
We give our freedom to the rich to make us happy
We give our freedom to the power hungry to think for us
We give our freedom to our jobs to keep us from being scared
And by a million small cuts our country dies

We didn’t build this great nation by focusing on ourselves!
But by focusing on building a great nation
The. Greatest! Nation.
and America can be that again
if even it ever was
but only if we help each other, because remember
helping is what made America great.
So, when refugees come to our shores in desperate need.
Help Them.
When the poor cannot eat, cannot house themselves, cannot find medicine.
Help Them.
When people suffer from addiction. When people make mistakes. When people are people.
Help Them.
When people disagree with you to the point you just want to beat the stupid out of them
Help Them. (Not by beating them)
We have to be a nation of helping
Helping always, helping everyone
Even when it might hurt us, even when we are scared,
even when we don’t know if its the right thing to do
Help Them.

We have to understand again that so that we can all be equal in this country
We all have to accept have an equal responsibility to help one another
rather than raise ourselves up
we should pride ourselves on raising up others
raising up our family
raising up our community
raising up freedom until it rings from every corner
of this goddammed great country
so that we can be free
we must make all men free
and we must work like slaves to do it!

My fondest wish is that we will all get to work.

A Beautiful Life?

If we want to live in a beautiful world
We have to learn how to perceive beauty
Everything being their own thing
and being somewhat equal in emptiness
Why do some phenomena strike us so?

Created, uncreated, real, unreal
We see what we want to see
When we see beauty it is us
When we see ugliness it is us
When we see we see us

We see what we have faith in
Or what we can’t believe
mostly be believe in what we want
but when we learn to see what is
we stop wanting

So, then to live in beauty
make yourself beautiful
caring, joyous, helpful, patient, kind
working hard for others
creating a whole world of perfection

Understanding what you See

We have to perceive something to know it
Without perception there is no knowledge

The world is chaos but our stories make it more
We deny our power to be whole and peaceful beings
Simultaneously using our will make ourselves miserable
All because of the faults of our perception
Not the fault of this world

The world only is
Accepting that we can move forward
With the true stories of our lives
Lives that we write because we know
That living is all that we can do

To understand the world we have to understand the instrument
When it’s finely tuned, it becomes so much more harmonious

May the container become full

The Dharma is often described as a liquid
it fills up the container of the mind
fills it up with compassion and emptiness

And like a liquid, the Dharma
as it fills us takes our shape
creating us again from the inside out

by purifying the ego
we become more of what we are
everything can be consolidated

slowly slowly we fill up
our bodies become transformed
into true and incomprehensible light

Drink deeply, life is short!
understand what can be collected
find out what you can become

Promising Portfolio

A wise man looks after his karma
a rich man looks after his money
And I am well invested

And although the returns may now be slight
I have the power of exponents on my side
exponents and time, a powerful combination
my future looks bright

So come what may
what slight degradations
hunger, pain, exhaustion and the like
The trivia of life

I know my ship is coming in
To take me to the other side
The paradise that never left us
It’s bottled up inside

The Last Great Cause

The problems I am talking about
Are the same as those discussed
As the original Mahayana scholars
It is amazing to me
How much these problems remain the same

We think so much has changed now!
We think ourselves so much wiser
But where is the life that brings us happiness?!?
What is knowing everything?
If we do not know that

And what was true then is true now
Happiness brings Happiness
Peace brings Peace
When we learn to see the true nature
Then we are living the good life

The dharma seed grows slowly
But it seems to always increase
The teacher ever eminating
Has enchanted my form
Purifying me into my true self

And by doing so has freed me from myself
Bound me to his timeless tradition
Made me more than just a human
Everyone sees me as they will
But I choose to only see dharma

The rewards are everlasting